Fireplace inserts - Premium

wkład kominkowy KFD Linea DF H 1180 2.0

KFDesign LINEA DF fireplace inserts

One insert but two fireplaces and in extremely different styles at that. This is a double-sided fireplace insert. The flame can be admired in two rooms simultaneously. In this way the image of the flame becomes deeper with the view of the other room showing through the curtain of fire.

wkład kominkowy KFD Linea H 920 2.0

KFDesign LINEA H fireplace inserts

A large format of the firebox provides an unusual, panoramic view of the fire. Such design requires great space as fire looks best from a distance. In return, you can admire a view that can easily beat a TV set.

wkład kominkowy KFD Linea V 810 2.0

KFDesign LINEA V fireplace inserts

A high firebox makes you feel as if you were in front of a bonfire. Swirling tongues of flame make a fascinating performance. This fashionable solution can perfectly suit smaller spaces too.