• KF 18 Kocioł na pelet
  • KF 18 Kocioł na pelet
  • KF 18 Kocioł na pelet

Pellet boiler

heating power range 19.6 kW

heated surface 180m2

pellet reservoir capacity 55 kg
pellet consumption min. – max. 0,9 - 4,5 kg/h
total dimensions height 131.1 x width 60.8 x depth 58.3mm
direct air inlet
for low-energy and passive houses
“plug and heat” with all essential elements built-in
gear motor with special connection ensuring safety fueling
easy to clean and remove ashes from the front
electronic control panel
ready to be adjusted via GSM (optional)


KF18 BOX and KF22 BOX boilers may be located both in the boiler room and inthe residential area of the house. Large sight allows for the observation of the interior of the hearth. Compact housing contains the container for pellet and easy to clean heat exchanger. Feeder with double star connection isolates the container from the hearth and prevents flash back.