KF 4,0 PS pellet stove

  • KF 4,0 PS piec na pelet
  • KF 4,0 PS piec na pelet

KF 4,0 PS

heating power range 1.7 - 4.0 kW
efficiency 77,5 - 82,5%

heated surface 40 m2

heated room volume 100 m3

pellet reservoir capacity 4,7 kg
pellet consumption min. – max. 0,4 - 1,1 kg/h
total dimensions height 707 x width 554 x depth 256 mm
direct air inlet
for low-energy and passive houses
electronic control panel
ready to be adjusted via GSM (optional)

The newest model of our pellet stove range. The unique dimensions, basic aesthetics, rear or lateral flue and possibility of hanging it using the suspension kit make the KF 4,0 PS stove unique in its kind. Tough tiny compared to more powerful models, it is programmable and can be handled like any of other models.