About us

KFD Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company with 100% family capital. It was established in 1996, and from the beginning it is acting as a limited liability company.

The main types of its activities include production and trade. In spite of prevailing tendencies, KFD’s strategy does not mean offering the cheapest products to its customers. The company relies on the quality, reliability and professionalism in every area of its operations. More than 15 years of experience, close cooperation with suppliers that meet the highest quality criteria while maintaining optimum product costs and constant research and development works have made KFD Sp. z o.o. be perceived as one of the leading Polish fireplace inserts manufacturers.

KFD’s product offer includes:

  •     fireplaces (fireplace inserts)
  •     heating boilers fuelled with wood and pellet
  •     solar collectors
  •     sauna and steam bath equipment

Detailed information about the complete offer can be found at www.kfd.eu

The newly erected head office of the company, that was put to use in 2009, is located in Legionowo (ca. 25 km from Warsaw). The new head office comprised offices, an exhibition room, research and development laboratory, training facilities and high-stor¬age warehouse.